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Rock Band is back and it’s better than ever!

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Rock Band 4

Today, Thursday March 5, 2015 is a day which will be long remembered by music fans and gamers alike! Harmonix announced this morning that Rock Band, the legendary music platform loved by millions worldwide is coming back, bigger and stronger than ever before!

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for Xbox One or PlayStation 4

Due for release later this year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Rock Band 4 is going to BLOW YOU AWAY. A love-letter to fans of the franchise, Rock Band 4 is set to take music gaming to the next level! In addition to a killer on-disc soundtrack, Rock Band 4 will support vast numbers of tracks released since the 2007 launch of the original Rock Band. Harmonix is confident that day one, Rock Band 4 will deliver the most music, period!

Fans of the critically-acclaimed music platform know that music alone does not make the experience. Alongside the launch of the game, Mad Catz will have a full line-up of new music game controllers, ready and waiting to rock as hard as you do!

Mad Catz will introduce a Rock Band 4 Band In A Box™ bundle, which includes a copy of the game, a new Wireless Fender™ Stratocaster™ Guitar Controller, a new Wireless Drum Kit and a Microphone! If you just want to rock out with a Guitar Controller, hey, we got you covered as we’ll have a Guitar Controller Bundle which includes a copy of the game and a Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller.


Okay, if you’re not already freaking out, remain calm: if you’re visiting PAX East, Harmonix is running a very special promotion just for visitors to the show. To celebrate the announcement of Rock Band 4, Harmonix will offer a PAX East Wireless Stratocaster Guitar Controller featuring custom artwork of “Gabe” from the Penny Arcade web-comic! To get your hands on this extremely limited-edition collectible, you’ll need to pre-order on-site at the Harmonix booth.

Mad Catz has been working hard with Harmonix to make a suite of all-new music game controllers for rocking out with Rock Band 4, which we believe will prove to be the ultimate music platform for the new generation of consoles! We’re convinced that fans of the franchise will love the new controllers we’re cooking. We’ve turned everything up to 11 this time around! We’ve tweaked several features such as the tilt-sensor on the guitar controllers for extra accuracy and sensitivity. Mic response has been tuned, build-quality has been refined, but more about hardware later. Suffice it to say, we think you’ll all be very happy.

There’ll be lots more Rock Band 4 news as we head into E3 and beyond but right now, to find out more please register your interest by clicking the button below.

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For more information on Rock Band 4, head over to and follow @RockBand or @madcatz on Twitter for updates.


Source: Mad Catz

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This week, on HBO’s Game of Thrones presents Telltale’s The Walking Dead…

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Tread carefully, for the the night is dark and this article is full of spoilers.

Is it just me, or has anyone else been thinking this season of HBO’s Game of Thronesfeels particularly, er, game-y? Perhaps it’s the simple effect of playing Telltale’s Game of Throneswhile simultaneously watching the fifth season. Or maybe (probably), when your job is to talk about games, you start seeing everything as one.

But just think about it. Every appearance from the Sand Snakes has looked like the intro cutscene for a fighting game character, showcasing their special weapons and combos. Then there’s the bizarre Unsullied/Son’s of the Harpy battle, which felt like a glitched-out Telltale fighting sequence trying its best to render things correctly. Finally, there’s Jorah’s choice to conceal his greyscale at the end of episode five, which, as this helpful redditor points out, was basically the same exact cliffhanger shot from Telltale’s first season of The Walking Dead.

Yet none of that comes close to the most game-y of Game of Thrones gamifications ever: last night’s episode, “Hardhome.”

During the long-awaited (particularly for book-readers) first meeting between Tyrion and Daenerys, there seemed almost the ghost of a dialogue options box beneath each character as they spoke, their banter coming across like the result of a player’s carefully selected path. Like the Telltale adaptation’s conversation mini-battle with Cersei, the consequences of each characters dialogue choice almost felt like it should be flashing in a notification box across the upper lefthand corner. “You complimented Daenery’s leadership. She’ll remember that,” it says on Tyrion’s screen. While, in Daenerys playthrough, she wonders whether or not she’s just naively let another traitor into her midsts by accepting Tyrion as an advisor.


Then there’s Jon Snow’s winning over of a large crowd of Wildlings, in an almost eerily similar fashion to Bigby Wolf’s very same challenge at the end of Wolf Among Us. Sure, Jon chooses to be blunt and honest with his dialogue choice regarding Mance’s death. But, presumably, this is because Jon knows his earlier choice to defy Stannis and show Mance mercy will probably win him more brownie points if it comes from Tormund’s mouth rather than his own.

Yet, even picking up on all those Telltale mechanics scattered across this season could not prepare me for the episode’s most Telltalest trope of all: plot development through a tense walker-horde sequence. Jon made a bunch of consequence-filled narrative choices throughout the battle; like deciding to stay and fight, even though it might jeopardize his grander mission with the Wildlings. Or running for the dragon glass—leaving the dragon glass behind. And who didn’t hear the little achievement sound over the visual of a flashing Trophy symbol and the words “Weapon Upgrade,” after Jon discovers the true worth of Valyrian steel?

I’m not saying Benioff and Weiss (the HBO showrunners) play the games. Honestly, I’d be surprised if either of them knew how to hold a videogame controller. But there’s something to be said for the profound effect an interactive experience of the game of thrones has had on how I view the show’s choices and narrative paths. After attempting to be a chess player myself in Telltale’s adaptation, every decision a character makes on the show feels more palpable—like an active, difficult choice made right then and there rather than one dictated by the script or plot.

In this episode, I was just glad someone else was holding the controller. Because I don’t know if I could have survived that White Walker QTE fight, even with Valyrian steel.



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Tritton Kunai Wireless Stereo Headset

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Highly Versatile 2.4GHz Wireless Audio

TRITTON’s Kunai Wireless Stereo Headset provides a comfortable, first-rate audible experience for virtually any gaming device. The Kunai Wireless outputs high-fidelity game and chat audio through two precision-tuned 40mm speakers employing neodymium magnets. Featuring a wireless range of 33 feet, the TRITTON Kunai is the ideal headset for all your gaming needs.

Works with Nearly ANY Gaming Device

The Kunai Wireless is compatible with a wide variety of platforms including the Xbox 360 console, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Windows PC, and Mac. In addition, the Kunai is compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and most devices employing 3.5mm output.

Designed for Extended Gaming Sessions

The Kunai Wireless keeps your ears comfy with its padded, adjustable headrail, which extends an extra 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. When it’s time for a break from the action, the plush earcups swivel to provide a comfortable around-the-neck resting position. Learn more about it!

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Unreal visited Fortaleza, Brazil

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Unreal visited Fortaleza and had a lot to say about the creativity of the Brazilian Development Community. David from 1080partners will be in Salvador, Bahia this week talking about how to break into the games business on May 16, 2015.

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Bethesda hosting its first e3 conference ever in 2015

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Bethesda E3

Details about what to expect from the showcase are thin on the ground but, as it’s the first time the studio has ever decided it was worth holding a conference, speculation is already rife on what may be revealed.

The title most expect to be announced is Fallout 4, rumours of which have been flying for years. After a couple of years of rumors, including a reference from a voice actor in 2013, a trademark for Fallout 4 in Europe, and even a website that ended up being a hoax, leaked documents back in 2013 suggested the title would be set in Massachusetts. Now, if denizens of the web are to be believed, we could be mere months from finding out for certain.

While there’s an outlying chance we could be seeing a new Elder Scrolls title, it seems unlikely given The Elder Scrolls Online will have just hit consoles and Skyrim only arrived four years ago. Considering the last Fallout game arrived in 2010, we’ve been waiting slightly longer for a new one of those.

There’s plenty of other options too, of course. Dishonored came out in 2012 and demand for a sequel has been high, while we’re still waiting for more information on Doom. As for last year’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Evil Within though, they probably came out too recently to merit sequel announcements already.

Source: IGN

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The Evil Within

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The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The lunatics are taking over the asylum in Shinji Mikami’s return to survival horror.

“Obviously I like horror,” he muses. “But survival horror has been drifting away from what makes it survival horror. And so I want to bring it back. Bring back survival horror to where it was.”

If anyone can restore essence to the genre, Mikami can. The characteristically subdued Resident Evil creator is returning to his old stomping ground with the debut game from his Tokyo-based studio Tango Gameworks, the third-person survival horror The Evil Within. And while the game may not adhere to all the ideals we recognize from the genre’s golden age – which, let’s face it, were shakily defined in the first place – it’s built around Mikami’s own definition of the genre he helped create.

“There are a lot of survival horror games nowadays, but the thing that I want to focus on is having the perfect balance between horror and action.”

That perfect balance, in Mikami’s opinion, is what makes ‘pure’ survival horror.

The Evil Within certainly has the set-up to deliver on Mikami’s promises. Its premise is a cliché, but it would be misleading to suggest the game is; the poster for The Evil Within plastered around the colourful walls of Tango’s office depicts a brain wrapped in barbed wire. It’s in this image that its mental asylum spookhouse setting develops new meaning, one more sinister than the threat of things that go bump in the night.

“Thematically, it’s less about having twists and turns and more about maintaining an air of mystery,” explains Mikami. “So through the story you learn a little bit more, and then a little bit more, but the more you learn, you also realize there’s far more mystery out there to unfold.”

“We’re paying a lot of attention to the theatrical and cinematic aspects of the game,” says Mikami. “We want the game to be scary so we want to support that throughout the game experience, but we don’t want to go so far as to impact on the flow of gameplay. We want the controls and the way players interact with the controls and the game to feel scary and cinematic, but not cumbersome. So once you get on more of the action elements you want players to focus on that. So you’ll see something of a wave, you’re drifting from one end to the other end – from cinematic elements to purely gameplay elements and back and forth.”

It’s clear that the developers are aiming for a careful balance of not only action and horror, but of the old and the new, weaving classic survival horror tropes with new and interesting psychological horror features. And it’s all wrapped up, of course, in a state-of-the-art package (on both current and next-gen technology), resulting in a game that has that Resident Evil-era Mikami vibe, but feels much, much richer overall.

“15 or 20 years ago, characters in video games were walking around like robots, and the games were very linear, but now you’re able to put in a much greater detail into the character and it really adds to the immersion,” says Mikami.

“Horror as a genre has a set number of patterns, and the more time you spend with those patterns the more you get used to them. And the more used to those patterns a person is, the harder it is to scare them and do something above and beyond and original.”

“If players say ‘I haven’t played a game this scary in a while,’ that would make me the happiest.”

Source: IGN

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1080partners talks to students about opportunities in Brazil

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Discussion about the games market in Brazil took place at Connepi and Universo IF

SAN LUIS – The capital of Maranhão received, 3-6 of November, two events in science and technology: Connepi 2014 (Congresso Norte Nordeste de Pesquisa e Inovação) and the first edition of Universo IF, space idealized by the Federal Institute of Maranhão (IFMA), with research presentations, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, encouraging the startup culture, games and contest promotion ideas.

David Gershik

Universe IF was split between Startup Planet, Planet Play, and the Planet Link. The Startup award for the best business ideas in technology. Students and federal institutes nationwide servers registered their projects in “Challenge of Ideas”. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the culture of startup (term used to talk about businesses that are starting their activities) in the federal system.

David Gershik

“Any one of you can succeed in being a superstar in the field of video games,” said the American businessman David Gershik this Thursday (5) to an audience composed mostly of young students in Federal Institutes of Education, science and Technology. Renowned entrepreneur in the gaming industry, Gershik presented the lecture “Brazil, an intense dream: The business of games on-largest economy in Latin America,” on stage at the Planet Startup, one of the spaces for the activities of the Universo IF.

David Gershik

Soon after the lecture, there was a panel that broadened the debate on the gaming market of Brazil. Besides David Gershik, two other names in the business of games participated in the debate Moacyr Alves and Jorge Proenca. Professor Virginia Freire, Advisor of International Relations of IFMA was the mediator of the panel. Among the issues highlighted in the debate were: prejudice against those who work with games, educational ways that games can take and the decentralization of the game development process in the country.

David Gershik

Read more (in portuguese):

Link 1

Link 2