Discover the new ARK Headsets

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Discover the new ARK Headsets

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ARK 100 WIRED STEREO HEADSET Get straight into the game with this plug and play headset, featuring the key benefits of the ARK series. 3 EQ modes allow you to customize the audio and, coupled with the supreme comfort provided by our extensively tuned headband, your immersion is guaranteed. For the PC version, the Tritton Audio Centre software provides 7.1 virtual surround sound and full control of your EQ, microphone, voice masks and audio profiles; this is the headset for the competitive gamer.
ARK 300 WIRELESS 7.1 HEADSET The most advanced headset we've ever created. A 4K-compatible HDMI pass-through interface, delivers uncompressed 7.1 audio to provide the most accurate DTS Headphone:X surround sound experience possible. An ultra-low latency wireless connection connects game and chat audio from the headset to the base station, which also doubles as a charging stand. This really is the true embodiment of Tritton's Ultimate Gaming Audio promise.




Our unique monocurve design has been extensively tested and tuned to offer the perfect fit; both to ensure the audio response of the speakers and, most importantly, enhanced comfort over long gaming sessions. The ear cans slide within the monocurve enabling adjustment for different head sizes, whilst the exterior always retains its powerful, unique profile.

The ARK 300 also features the Audionomics Dial that allows you to dynamically alter the fit and audio performance to suit you.


Expecting a single driver to cover all audio frequencies can end in compromise. On the ARK 100 each ear can houses two drivers: one 60mm driver dedicated to superior bass and mid-range response, whilst one 10mm driver (two in the ARK 300) handles higher frequencies.

The result is a far richer, precision audio experience due to each driver handling the frequencies it was designed for.


Accelerometer-based control of color and brightness means that you can customize the headset with ease; simply tilt until you have the color and brightness you desire. You can also control the speed of LED effects, such as breathing, heartbeat and color cycling.

The motion-dynamic adjustment offers an intuitive, engaging way to customize your headset and make it your own.