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Focused on the Latin American markets, specifically Brazil and Mexico, 1080partners collaborates with brands to maximize their sales efforts and to develop go-to-market solutions. 1080partners is a good fit for anyone looking to bring their physical or digital products to market in the USA or Latin America.

At 1080partners, creativity, trust, strong relationships and excellent communication are the tools we will use to ensure the success of your brands in new markets. Our team is made up of specialists with distinctive backgrounds and cultures and years of experience executing creative plans to develop and grow businesses in emerging markets. Our diversity leads to an environment rich in ideas for improving the value of partnerships with retailers, distributors and payment providers, bringing higher quality interactions and improved profitability. 1080partners can bring your business into high definition!

Business Development

The team at 1080partners has decades of experience successfully launching new products into the markets of Latin America. With limited options for the distribution of physical games in Brazil, 1080partners has been a leader in manufacturing products in the Brazilian market with more than 50,000 units manufactured to date. With our broad experience in software distribution and launches, we have been selected by U&I Entertainment as their exclusive partner for the launch and sales management of hundreds of skus a year.

Distribution Partnerships

1080partners has direct listings with key retailers in Mexico, Chile Colombia, Peru and Paraguay in addition to relationships with a network of distributors in Miami and Latin America offering a wide range of options for distribution across Latin America, as well as e-commerce solutions in the USA.

Product Launches

1080partners has successfully launched and managed the lifecycles of some of the strongest brands in the world including, Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online, Fortnite, PowerA and Minecraft Dungeons, among many others. Product launches play a major role in establishing your brand in new markets. When bringing a new gaming accessory brand to market in LATAM, 1080partners worked closely with Activision as well as retailers and distributors in Mexico and Brazil to successfully create a Call of Duty Limited Edition gaming accessory bundle as a part of the launch strategy. 1080partners has broad experience in the management of AAA content and strong brands which offers benefits across their portfolio of products.

Channel Marketing

1080partners worked closely with a gaming accessory company to establish their product in Latin American markets, ensuring that the product had demo kiosks and working samples at retailers in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru and Paraguay during the launch window to maximize the potential of the product. Our strong partnerships with retailers across the region will ensure that your product has maximum exposure.

Strategic Analysis

With 30 countries, 25 currencies, scores of taxing authorities and multiple approaches to establishing your brands in new markets, 1080partners can help create a strategic plan to ensure the most efficient approach based on your needs.

Ratings Assistance

Compliance with local ratings laws is mandatory. 1080partners can help you get your product through the Ministry of Justice or with ANATEL in Brazil or with NOM in Mexico. We have rated many products and assisted distributors to obtain the necessary paperwork to ensure all local laws are followed appropriately.


Consumers prefer content in their own language! We have worked closely with management with our partners to help make a case for localizing content and packaging- because consumers purchase more products in their own languages. We also have an extensive network of localization partners that can help your team translate packaging, product manuals, marketing materials and product content.


Whether you are a publisher, manufacturer or developer, plan to sell physical or digital goods, 1080partners can design a strategy for you to approach any market in the Americas.


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