New Nintendo Switch console has OLED screen

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Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch console has OLED screen

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Nintendo has revealed a brand new Switch console – the Switch (OLED model).

The OLED model promises to add new features to the Switch, including a seven-inch OLED screen and an Ethernet port to improve online connectivity. It’ll also feature enhanced audio, a wider, adjustable stand, and 64gb of internal storage.

The Switch OLED model is slated for release on October 8th, the same launch day as Metroid Dread, and will be priced at $349.99

The announcement follows speculation regarding an upgraded Switch console that emerged last month. Initial reports from Bloomberg suggested that the console could launch as early as September this year, with an announcement expected during this year’s E3 event.

It also aligns with Bloomberg’s earlier reports that new Switch console will have a seven-inch OLED screen – an increase in size on the current Switch’s 6.2 inch display.

As of May 2021, Nintendo has sold nearly 85 million Switch and Switch Lite units worldwide.



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