Gamers love going retro

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Gamers love going retro

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Nintendo’s new NES Classic Mini has hit shelves in Japan and has had a rather good start to its life. According to data provided to MCV by Famitsu, the hardware sold 262,961 units during its first four days on shelves. The machine launched in the region on November 10th; the chart data for this sales period ended on November 13th.

It launched in the UK and America on November 11th, and we’re yet to have an indication of how well it has performed here. What we do know is that the machine is in short supply, with the £50 hardware out of stock in most major retailers.

Prices from third-party sellers have skyrocketed, with stores selling the NES Classic Mini for up to £200.

Announced in July, the NES Classic Edition is a mini version of the classic 1983 machine. It includes 30 games, including Castlevania, Dr Mario, Final Fantasy, Kid Icarus, Mario Bros, Mega Mean 2, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 1 through 3 and The Legend of Zelda.

The machine is unable to use physical media and is unable to go online, meaning that this roster will never be updated. Japan also received its own version of the NES Mini called the Mini Famicon, which comes with a different line-up of games.