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The Escapists 2 take you to Space!

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In this recent trailer, The Escapists 2, the sequel to the best selling, award winning game, takes players to a penal colony up in space, where they have to deal with robotic guards and dogs.

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Minecraft Story Mode First Season Debuts on Nintendo Switch August 22

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Hey fellow adventurers, guess what? The next episode of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two will be here in less than two weeks! And later this month, the entire first season will arrive on Switch, marking our first (but probably not our last) release on Nintendo’s latest console. Here are the details:

The team at Telltale Games, along with Mojang, announced that episode two of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two will premiere on August 15. The episode, entitled ‘Giant Consequences,’ will be available for download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.

Jesse and the gang survived the Sea Temple, but they brought home a little more than they bargained for: a lost adventurer, a powerful device, and a colossal enemy capable of grinding Beacontown to dust. There may be more to this fearsome foe than meets the eye, but to find out, Jesse — together with a few trusty friends — must embark on another adventure, this time into the icy unknown…

We also confirmed today that Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure will be available on Nintendo Switch starting August 22 in North America and August 25 in Europe and other regions. Available as both a digital download and a physical cartridge at retail, The Complete Adventure includes all eight episodes from the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode: five episodes from the original season pass, plus the three bonus episodes from the ‘Adventure Pass’ add-on series.

If you haven’t played the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode yet, you’ll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. While attempting to enter EnderCon and meet Gabriel the Warrior, Jesse and friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, forcing Jesse to set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone in hopes of saving the world from oblivion.

With episode two of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure on Switch, episode three of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the season premiere of Batman: The Enemy Within all launching this month, it’s going to be a very big, busy August for Telltale. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you don’t miss a thing!

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Coming Soon: TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

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TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge welcomes you to the most famous motorbike race of all time: Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). No other motorcycle race is as challenging or revered as the Isle of Man. Held on 38 miles of treacherous track – with a seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps and jumps – the infamous race features 264 turns and is longer and more difficult than all other MotoGP™ tracks put together! Test your stamina and skill as you risk it all for a chance to have your name inscribed in history as winner of the most daring race in the world!


THE ISLE OF MAN PERFECTLY REPRODUCED – Meticulously detailed Mountain Course replicated with each stretch and bend of the circuit.
OFFICIAL RIDERS AND THEIR SUPER-POWERED BIKES – 24 riders, 38 bikes, and sidecars rocketing along village and mountain roads at 200 mph.
TRUE SENSATIONS OF RIDING – Accurate bike physics as confirmed by famed TT riders.
REALISTIC ROAD RACING TECHNIQUES – Accurately represents the uniqueness and the challenge of the motorcycling discipline.
CAREER MODE INSPIRED FROM TT – Training and qualifying rounds on 10 different tracks, and a garage for managing and fine-tuning bikes.
CHALLENGE FRIENDS ONLINE – Play with up to 8 other people to prove you’ve got what it takes to win the trophy.

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Atari unveils its brand new console

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Atari finally offered a first look at its new mysterious console, after teasing the product at E3 2017.

Called the Ataribox, it aims at delivering both “classic gaming content” and “current gaming content,” the announcement reads, without further details on what we should expect.

Atari rather chose to focus on giving details about the design of the Ataribox: “Inspired by classic Atari design elements (such as the iconic use of wood, ribbed lines, and raised back); we are creating a smooth design, with ribs that flow seamlessly all around the body of the product, a front panel that can be either wood or glass, a front facing logo, indicator lights that glow through the material, and an array of new ports (HDMI, 4xUSB, SD),” the announcement said (as provided by Polygon). “We intend to release two editions: a wood edition, and a black/red edition.”

Atari added that “those ports suggest modern internal specs” and that its objective is to “create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.”

More details should be revealed soon, Atari added: “We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, features, pricing, timing etc. We’re not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we’ve opted to share things step by step as we bring Ataribox to life, and to listen closely to Atari community feedback as we do so. There are a lot of milestones, challenges and decision points in front of us in the months ahead. We’ll be giving you lots more information and status updates as we progress, and we are thrilled to have you along for the ride!”

Here are a couple of pictures released alongside the statement:


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Xbox One X to sell 17 million units by 2021

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Microsoft put a huge focus on its upcoming Xbox One X during the company’s E3 briefing, highlighting numerous 4K-enhanced titles among 22 games that will have at least temporary exclusivity on the Xbox One. While the system’s $499 price tag will make it a tough sell, the Xbox One X should still manage upwards of 20 million units by 2022, according to DFC Intelligence.

The firm has today issued a new brief that forecasts 17 million units sold by the end of 2021. Those 17 million will bring the Xbox One family of systems up to 63 million, DFC says. It’s worth noting that Sony’s PlayStation 4 already stands at more than 60 million units sold worldwide, with the beefier PS4 Pro accounting for about 20% of sales since it launched late last year.

The problem for Xbox One X is that it’s ultimately designed to cater to a demographic that’s inherently quite small. “Xbox One X is an expensive system designed to appeal to a fairly narrow demographic of gamers who want high quality graphics but do not want to spend money on a high-end PC,” says DFC analyst David Cole. “The challenge is that is a fairly small addressable market, even as sales of 4k television sets start to soar. Both the Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation 4 offer a very strong value proposition that consumers seem to be flocking to.”

From the software side, DFC also found that 130 titles are expected to be released for Xbox One between now and 2018, and of those, 25 are exclusive but most will be available for the PC as well. Cole does not believe the exclusives will be a factor in overall hardware sales, however.

“Many of the exclusives are fairly minor indie titles that will probably not take advantage of the enhanced graphics features of the system,” he says. “Furthermore, the leap from 1080 to 4k resolution is simply not as revolutionary as the previous movement from standard definition to high definition.”

DFC’s latest Xbox One X estimate comes as part of its larger global games industry forecast, which states that new hardware along with further growth in the mobile and PC sectors will drive the game industry to reach record sales of $102 billion this year, up 8% over 2016. More info on the report is available here.


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New record for games sales in 2017

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DFC Intelligence released its latest global game industry forecasts. With new hardware systems from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony along with continued growth of mobile and PC games, the video game industry is expected to reach record sales of $102 billion this year, up 8 per cent over 2016 that represents a significant milestone for the game industry.

However, even with major industry growth, the new forecasts represent a slight downgrade of previous forecasts for the Xbox One that has not been meeting expectations in recent years.

“Xbox One X [a 4K version of the console] is an expensive system designed to appeal to a fairly narrow demographic of gamers who want high quality graphics but do not want to spend money on a high-end PC,” said DFC analyst David Cole. “The challenge is that is a fairly small addressable market, even as sales of 4k television sets start to soar. Both the Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation 4 offer a very strong value proposition that consumers seem to be flocking to.”

While the number of titles sounds impressive, DFC believes it will not be enough to drive major sales for the Xbox One X. “Many of the exclusives are fairly minor indie titles that will probably not take advantage of the enhanced graphics features of the system,” added Cole. “Furthermore, the leap from 1080 to 4k resolution is simply not as revolutionary as the previous movement from standard definition to high definition.


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Xbox One games will sell more

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The global games software market is expected to exceed $100bn in 2017, according to a new report from Futuresource Consulting, with console game sales rising significantly toward the end of the year during Q4.

The report estimates that over 20m physical Switch games will be sold this year, while Xbox One game sales will hit 70m. The report didn’t specify how many PS4 game would be sold this year, but Futuresource analyst and co-author of the report Tristan Veale said he expected any sales growth to be “more muted” compared to Nintendo and Microsoft, despite the introduction of the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim late last year.

“Sony PS4 Pro is a more typical mid-cycle console upgrade,” said Veale. “Sony has taken few risks with exception of omitting to include a UHD Blu-ray player but has a dominant position having outsold Xbox by two to one in this generation.”

Despite Sony’s continued dominance, however, Veale said that the introduction of the Xbox One X “may well change the console market forever” as it hints toward the death of the traditional 6-8 year console cycle.

As a result, Veale expects Xbox One game sales to grow by 13 per cent this year. PS4 game sales, meanwhile, are estimated to grow by just 3 per cent.

“The PC market has mastered upgrading hardware yet retaining backwards compatibility and Microsoft seem intent on the same with this console launch,” Veale added. “Newer, higher powered consoles may continue to be launched in the future, with games taking advantage of performance improvements and allowing users to create a significant library of games.”


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Team 17 recognised by Sunday Times newspaper

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UK games stalwart Team 17 has been named as “One to Recognise” by The Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100.

The BDO ranks Britain’s fastest growing 100 companies and is published by the paper each April, with an awards event taking place in June. The One to Recognise award is designed to highlight a company that fell just short of the Top 100, but has performed well and has great prospects.

“We are very proud to be the first and only gaming company to win this award,” Team 17 founder and CEO Debbie Bestwick said. “I would like to thank everyone at Team17 along with our partners across our label for the high level of hard work and focus. This is a team effort.

“When we embarked upon the process of partnering with a private equity investor in 2016 we also wanted to send a signal to the wider business world of the benefits in investing in the UK games sector. It’s an exciting, dynamic industry and an honour to represent it; we hope our continued growth and the work we are doing will hopefully help outside investors see the sector in a more positive light.”

Ukie CEO Jo Twist added: “Team17 has established itself as a leader in the UK indie games scene, and have really set themselves apart as an example of the creativity and business success that exemplifies the UK games industry.

“Games businesses in the UK continue to go from strength to strength, owing to our fantastic homegrown talent, technological innovations and business environment which allows them to thrive, and it is pleasing to see Team17 recognised among the best of British business with this award.”

Private equity firm Lloyds Development Capital invested £16.5m in Team17 last September. The publisher said the investment will help speed up its efforts in becoming a global player, with more potential acquisitions on the cards. LDC, which is part of Lloyds Banking Group, has taken a minority stake in the company, and may offer more funding and support should the need arise.


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Vampyr, the choice is yours

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Vampyr is a grim Action RPG set in 1918 London ravaged by the Spanish flu and years of war. As players explore the devastated city they will unravel a deep narrative that evolves based on their decisions resulting in multiple dark endings (or one, elusive happy ending). Vampyr’s free form combat system allows players to choose from a large pool of skills and mix human-like styles with powerful vampiric attacks.”

The DLC includes two weapons from famous past hunters:
Dragonbane, the sword of Paulinus Aurelianus,mythical founder of the Brotherhood of Saint Paul Stole, known as a dragon hunter.
Barker, the pistol of Carl Eldritch, the second leader of the Guard of Priwen – who have taken an oath to hunt down every last vampire.
The DLC also includes a dark physician suit, perfect for a vampire doctor who must travel discretely through London under pouring rain or in the biting cold of the night. *The Hunters Heirlooms DLC will also be made available for purchase after the release of the game.

You are newly-turned Vampyr Dr. Jonathan Reid. As a doctor, you must find a cure to save the city’s flu-ravaged citizens. As a Vampyr, you are cursed to feed on those you vowed to heal. Will you embrace the monster within? Survive and fight against Vampyr hunters, undead skals, and other supernatural creatures. Use your unholy powers to manipulate and delve into the lives of those around you, to decide who will be your next victim. Struggle to live with your decisions… your actions will save or doom London.

Fight and manipulate with supernatural abilities. Balance small XP gains from defeating Vampire hunters, against the temptation to feed on civilians, which grant much greater XP gains.”

Be the savior and the stalker. Our newly turned hero is both Vampire and doctor, who must kill in order to survive long enough to find the cure for this Vampire “disease”.

From Vampire hunters, to mutilated abominations… London’s streets will grow more deadly as the numbers of civilians diminish. Choose from a large pool of skills and mix human-like styles with powerful vampiric attacks”
SHAPE LONDON – A web of interconnected citizens reacts to your decisions. Killing a citizen will have huge consequences in the lives of their relatives and the district they work or reside in.

VAMPYR is developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. DONTNOD is most well known for their exceptional narrative skills as seen in their 2015 release “Life is Strange”. This multiplatform title received an 85 Metacritic and won 20+ Awards including multiple “Game of the Year” awards and “Best Narrative” Awards.

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Feel the thrill of the hunt!

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On July 11, 2017 you will be able to discover distinct hunting areas and complete hundreds of objectives alone or with your friends. This Summer, explore varied environments, track your prey and become a better hunter, there will always be a new hunting adventure awaiting you!

Track 37 species of animals, each with realistic behaviors: big and small game, predators, waterfowl…and many more!

Choose from among 17 different firearms (rifles, bows, and crossbows) including official Winchester® and Browning® licensed weapons, and close to 50 essential accessories.

Explore 12 expansive regions based on real hunting areas in Europe and North America. Adapt to the elements as the weather and time of day dynamically change.

Take off on an adventure with three friends or with players from around the globe with multiplayer.

Become the ultimate hunter, track down your prey by using a variety of weapons and tools include lures, callers, and even a drone! (A first in the hunting game genre).

With over 100 campaign missions, free hunt mode, a ball-trap mini game and continuous post-launch challenges, missions and competitions Hunting Simulator is sure to be the next great hunting game on consoles.

Coming to PS4 and X1 on July 11, 2017!