Games from TV and Movies, what gamers want

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Games from TV and Movies, what gamers want

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Just under half of gamers surveyed in Deloitte’s annual Digital Media Trends study want to see more games licensed from other screen properties.

GamesBeat reports the survey results show 45% of the 1,197 gamers surveyed wish more of their favourite movies and TV shows were adapted into video games.

The Deloitte report also explored how consumers’ interactions with one type of entertainment affect how they engage with other forms of media. For example, 44% of gamers decided to play a specific video game after watching certain TV shows or movies.

49% of gamers say they often discover new music while playing video games.

The study also looked at how video games provide more than entertainment to users, especially in terms of social interaction. 40% of Gen Z (people born 1997-2009) and Millenials (1983-1996) respondents say they socialise more via video games than in the physical world.

49% of these two age brackets also they feel better about their self-image in video games, and 73% said experiencing success in video games boosts their self-confidence.

By comparison, only 19% of Gen X (1966-1982), Boomers (1947-1965) and Matures (1946 and before) feel better about their self-image, while 47% have more self-confidence after experiencing success in games.

When Deloitte drilled down into the habits of 515 committed gamers compared to 439 casual gamers, it found that 62% of the former say meeting up with friends in video game is an important way for them to spend time together (compared to 29% of casual gamers).



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