Sony just wants to see the world burn

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Sony just wants to see the world burn

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Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan reportedly said that Sony is not interested in making a deal with Activision or Microsoft.

Activision exec Lulu Cheng Meservey reveals why Sony hasn’t accepted Microsoft’s 10-year Call of Duty deal. According to Meservey’s latest Tweet, Jim Ryan had stark words for both Microsoft and Activision regarding any sort of deal: “I don’t want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to block your merger.”

SIE’s Jim Ryan allegedly said this during the closed-door hearing with European Commission regulators on February 21. These hearings were not public, and Microsoft is believed to have swayed EU regulators with recent access remedy offers.

Shortly after the hearing, Microsoft held a press conference in Brussels where it announced 10-year Call of Duty licensing deals with Nintendo and NVIDIA and promised to bring the $31 billion franchise to 150 million more people, a figure that represents the combination of the Nintendo Switch and GeForce Now platforms.

Meservey’s revelation comes after the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority antitrust agency published two new documents from both Microsoft and Sony. In these documents, Sony makes controversial arguments including Microsoft’s potential willingness in degrading or deliberately downgrading Call of Duty’s performance on PlayStation consoles.

The Activision communications executive commented that Sony was unwilling to sign a new post-merger agreement “on far better terms than Sony would ever get from [Activision].”

Sony has yet to respond to the quote, however it is possible we’ll see more statements made to larger video games news outlets as the merger continues close scrutiny by worldwide regulators.

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