Pokemon Go was Google’s most searched term in 2016

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Pokemon Go was Google’s most searched term in 2016

It was the year of Donald Trump and Brexit and Bowie and Prince and political lies and mainstream racism, but it was Pokemon Go that got internet users hottest under the collar in 2016.

Google has revealed that Pokemon Go was the most searched term on its site last year. Donald could only manage third place, actually, coming in just behind the iPhone 7 in second. Browser and iOS game Sliter.io claimed ninth, with Prince (4th), Powerball (5th), David Bowie (6th), Deadpool (7th), Olympics (8th) and Suicide Squad (10th) claiming the other spots.

Nintendo Switch was the only games hardware to feature in the Consumer Tech chart, coming in ninth. That listing was also topped by iPhone 7.

Oddly, Norway was the country in which Pokemon Go was searched for the most by total share of requests, followed by Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica.

In the UK alone Pokemon Go was actually the second most searched term behind Euro 2016 but ahead of Bowie (3rd), Trump (4th) and Prince (5th).

Pokemon Go also topped the UK’s “What is…” charts (as in, ‘what is Pokemon Go?’). That means it beat What is Brexit? (2nd), What is the single market? (3rd), What is the EU (4th) and, amusingly, What is a Coup? (5th).



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